Our Story

Throughout his childhood, Luke was always surrounded by sweets. Whenever he went to visit his grandparents, they always had a ready supply of sugary treats for him to try. From sherbet fountains to flying saucers, candy sticks to parma violets, Luke got to sample a whole range of confectionary classics that beat anything he could buy on the high street. It was this love of all things retro that prompted Luke to set up Candy Club. He created the brand to bring a smile to British sweet lovers, and to encourage others to also take a trip down memory lane and rediscover their old favourites once again.

Nowadays, here at Candy Club we’re a whole lot bigger than Luke’s grandmother’s sweet tin. Bringing back those cherished childhood memories is at the heart of everything we do. Our sweet boxes are each carefully designed, filled and packaged to be the ultimate treat for families, friends and businesses alike. Whether you’re a grandparent itching to try your favourite candy once more or a millennial looking to get your first taste of the sugary classics, we’ve got the perfect Candy Club box for any age or occasion.